Volcano Heli ehf. is an Icelandic company focused on tourism and photography flights in Iceland. The company offers its customers the opportunity to explore Iceland’s impressive and ever changing landscapes from high above. The helicopter rides promote a new perspective from the most visited places in Iceland, such as Geysir, lava fields and the biggest glacier in Europe, Vatnajökull. Also, customers can be taken to remote locations to discover new landscapes as with the volcanic fissure eruption at Holuhraun. To fly close to the eruption and feel the power of nature is an unforgettable experience.



Volcano Heli offers various flight services in Iceland: passenger, film and photo, and dual control flights. If you are a photographer looking to capture the intact Icelandic nature through the lenses to produce photographic works of art, or if you are looking for personal flights, please browse through this website and feel free to contact us. We can take you to the known sights or prepare a customized flight to suit your interests.



Our flight operations are conducted under strict European regulations. We operate under an EASA Air Operator Certificate of Valair Helicopters, Switzerland. Furthermore, our helicopter is regularly maintained according to Part-145 of the same standards. We emphasize on safety for all involved parties in our operation.



Please find more information about our helicopter, pilot, customers as well as the general information of Volcano Heli ehf. in the following categories below:


Our Helicopter
Robinson R44


Volcano Helicopter is using a Robinson R44 in Iceland. The R44 Series are proven for their excellent reliability, speed and performance as well as passenger comfort. Due to it’s low fuel consumption, it is considered to be an environmentally friendly helicopter. During off-airport stopovers, it does not leave behind any traces.


Worldwide the R44 is a very popular aircraft for helicopter tours, taxi and charters, photography, filming as well as pilot’s training. For photographers for example, doors can be removed.


Capacity is 3 passengers and 1 pilot. Each passenger enjoys having his/her own window for an even greater viewing experience.


Technical description

Range: 300NM (550 km)
Cruise Speed: up to 113 kts (210 km/h)
Max. Speed: 130 kts (240 km/h)
Max. Operating Altitude: 14’000 ft (4’250 m)
Manufacturer: Robinson Helicopter Company, USA

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